Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Edward Elliotts Beach, Chennai

Type: Sandy beach
Location: Besant Nagar, Chennai, India.
Coordinates: 12.999529°N 80.272411°E
Etymology:  Edward ElliotOperated byCorporation of Chennai.
Elliot's Beach (popularly known as "Besant Nagar Beach" or "Bessie") is located in Besant Nagar, Chennai, India. It forms the end-point of the Marina Beach shore,  and is named after Edward Elliot, Governor of Madras.[citation needed .  It has the Velankanni Church and the Ashtalakshmi Kovil nearby. In the colonial era, it was a fairly exclusive place limited to white people. As of 2016, there are many restaurants near the beach.

There is a police outpost at the beach and the crowd is policed by means of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to prevent drowning mishaps. In 2010, there were 11 drowning cases reported off Elliots Beach. In August 2012, the government sanctioned two more all-terrain vehicles for patrolling the beach.

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